Friday, September 25, 2009

A Fun Week

This week was Birthday week for me (colby).
Sar and I had a fun eventful day, started out with a sweet hike, then mostly a day on the river fishin and chillin. We did find a day care for CC. $90 later. It's expensive up here.
The little one is crawling all ove the place right now. She can get to couches stars, and in particular clothes baskets and pull herself up and start to walk around!!!!!!! ahahahah She's not suppose to do that yet! We just love her!!

This is "oxbow bend" in the teton nation park, If you ever come up here, this is the place to go canoeing, fishing, and your garenteed to see moose, and have fun little river otters at your side dancing and frolicking.
This is Julie the moose. she was just taken a dip during our canoe trip.Plenty of fish to catch.
hottie boom balotie
This is mr. bear. aka, Wolly. I think he's a grizzly. Some have said black bear, but he was huge, and and has a slight cinnamon touch. plus his snout is light. I did jump outa my care after almost hitting him and then ran after the guy to get this shot. He didn't care to even turn and look at me for his photo after screaming and yelling. He must be used to idiots like me. Sorry Wolly.

This is good ol Bro. Popp from the ward down in Sugarhouse. Every year he goes up to Idaho to some friends place that owns a 5,000 acre patato farm. I was only a couple hours away and helped him load 4 tons of patotos in his trailer. the ward then has a large feast eating potatoes. I filled up the back of my truck. What am going to do with them? good question.

ya, that's a lot of Potatoes.

Now, if you look all the way to the back you can see the mountain of Potatoes they make. It's about twenty feet high. They have 40 of these large rooms that they fill with Potatoes. We figured out the numbers and figured they have about 130 million dollors worth of potatoes. All will be sold this year.

These next few photos are just some fun ones.

And there ya go, small update for now.

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Brian & Chelsey said...

yay! what a fun week! yeah bears up there have learned to ignore us silly humans! Good shot though! Love you and cant wait to see you!!!!