Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well it's good to know that even the people who have lived up here in Jackson for a long time think it is unusually cold for this time of year too! For the past two weeks it has been consistently below ZERO DEGREE'S!!!!!! (AHHHHH!) Apparently, we've heard, it's only like this in January and February! (So Crap! What is it going to be like during those months now!!!!) I've been running in the mornings with a couple of crazy gals who are use to running in weather like this! Yesterday I brought my camera so I could document what running in -8 degree weather looks like!
(keep in mind it was NOT snowing, that is all frost after running!) I love the iced over eye lashes! (Stacy wiped hers away for the pic- Left!)

So what have we been up to during these cold days and nights........ not much!

We actually opened up the only game we have the other night! We are not big gamers usually, and this game happened to still be in it's original wrapping from our wedding 5 1/2 years ago! But it is "America's favorite word game" and it is quickly becoming ours. Lets just say we've been staying pretty busy with Scrabble!

(Let the record show that Colb has not yet beat me, also you should know that it says in a two player game a good score is usually around 300 - 400 points.......neither of us have broken 300 yet! Three and four letter words are our specialty right now, although I think were getting better! Playing with google as our dictionary has helped a ton too!!!)

Other highlights lately have included:

The lighting ceremony in town square!

Why we didn't get a pic after the lights came on, I'm not quite sure, and Cici wasn't sleeping, both pics we took she was blinking, dang it! (So we will post a pic soon of the cute lights in town square with Cici's eyes open hopefully!)

We also went to a little Christmas tree festival and went to listen to the town choir perform Handel's Messiah.

Other than that we've just been hanging out and watching "SYTYCD" (Good Times!)

Some exciting news however is that Cici is now 10 months old and is pretty close to walking! I'll post a video soon but here is a blurry pic, since she moves pretty fast with this little walker toy!

She also loves waving "Hi" and "Goodbye!"

So bye for now!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


This little one is growing way too fast! Cici is now 9 1/2 months and is all over the place!
Colb took these two pics tonight in the bath, still one of her favorite places!
She says "Mama" when she needs help or is tired!
(also we love this lil' beanie, thanks April your amazing!)
She says "Dada" when she is silly and wants to play! And we are pretty sure some form of "Lola" is now developing!
This is a pic of her as our lil' future snowboarder! She is super silly and still very smiley!
About 2 1/2 months ago (actually right after the post I did of her practicing crawling, the very next day...) she started to crawl and since then, each day she has gotten faster and faster!
Then all of a sudden she was pulling herself up on things and then it began..... She absolutely loves to climb! Every second she gets she bee-lines it to the stairs and climbs them as fast as she can, and that lil' bugger is fast! It also helps if there is a little "Bella" incentive at the top! Of course when she is not climbing the stairs she is into everything else from the dog food to the toilet! (to our horror! ick!) And of course everything still goes in the mouth....Ahhhhh! I promise we pay attention to her!
However, how can you get frustrated at this face!!!!
This cute beanie was made by one of our friends! Thanks Debra we love it!
Of course we did trim down the bow a bit after this, as I think Deb intended!
We also had some visitors this past month! Cici's great Grandma and Grandpa Wilson came up to visit and meet her, along with her great great Uncle Herbie! Her and Grandpa took to each other right away, especially cuz he loved to let her play the "I'm gonna steal and eat your glasses" game!
This little one loved the pumpkins for Halloween but turned out to make the carving process go a lot slower than planned, on account that we couldn't get over how cute she was, when she was sooo happy to be nakie and play with the ewy-gewy pumpkin mess! Turns out we never ended up carving that night!

We did however still carve eventually! The awesome witch is mine and well..... the other awesome one is Colb's! (Apparently I have a lil' more time on my hands then him, sorry hun!)

Me and the lil' girl were lil' wichy-poo's, well she was lil' and I was just a witch!
Man she was cute and the dress didn't even seem to slow her down a bit!
After Halloween we went down to Salt Lake to visit, but mainly to see....
SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!! (tour, season 5, at the E-center!)
It was Amazing!!!! Soooo fun! Colb and I are seriously addicted to this show!
We also had an early Thanksgiving and Christmas with some of the Fam!
Thanks Grandma!
We also visited with cousins! These two lil' ones are certainly going to be partners in crime! (They are two weeks apart, too cute!!!)
Over all we think this little girl is the greatest thing ever and as you can see we just can't stop taking pictures of her!
Also down in SL we picked up these adorable little flowers that our friend Ashley makes!
Check our her blog at

This is another one she made we love em'!
(Thanks Ash!)

Well we are still up for visitors, even though it's freezing up here now and it's only going to get colder! But on the up-side there is snowboarding or skiing, so come on over to Jackson and play!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trip to the 801

The vacations to SLC was fun. Cafe Rio was super duper. Sar and I enjoyed stadium seating at the gateway. We saw Couples Retreat. Way funny! Makes me wanna go on a cruise. We had a hoot down there. However, ya, there's just one small however. the only prob is that it was an 8 dayer vacay. Moving away from family and friends is great in a lot of regards, but one. When its time to visit for weddings, shower, funerals or whatever it is, you go visit and plan for a vacay to do it, it's a vacation that could have been used on something like, the Bahamas, or some sort of beach. Or a lake powell trip, or......I could go on.....Otherwise it would have been just another day in SLC. We did have a blast and all, but, that's just one downfall of moving out of state. I know I know, your prob thinking what a selfish piece of shiz, but I'm just saying it how it is...Don't get me wrong I loved seeing family, friends and relatives. But it would have just been nice to have not taken off work for it. That's all. Now, I will say, that I'm a little excited for Christmas and Thanksgiving, Sar and I are going to kick it up here in Jackson and do our own thing. (i think, lol) It'll be nice to not half to run to parents house to parents house to another parents house during those fun festive days.(that's 3 parents house's) But we'll see if we get home sick.

Well, here's a handful of picks from the week! Enjoy!!
Are you freakin kidding me!? Who would have known I'd have such a doll for a child!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Laughing Yoga and Baby CC smiles

Have you ever heard of laughing yoga?! If not, go to this link and be prepared to laugh your butt off and see what Sarah has been up to with our ward here. Crazy people! The best is that Sar comes home laughing her head off, and I admit she talks me into some parts. She pulled this video up for me to see what it's really like.....enjoy lol, lol lol, After that one, if you want more this is a good one too.
Oh, shoot it just kills me! hooo hooo haaa haaa haaaa!
lol, lol, ha ha,...I just die watching these. I hope that all the women in our Ward get together again, I'm for sure doing a sneak attack and video taping it for all of you.
Here's some of the latest shots of the little monkey and some adventures!
This is my all-time favorite shot of the little one!
Bath time!!!

Sar did an excellent job getting real close to these guys, she even crawled down into a ditch to get this shot of Black bear Mama Jane, and her cub frank. He's there, you just can't see him well.

This is Ted. Named after Ted. Did you know if you were to find a bald eagles feather and pick it up, that bamm, you'd have a $500 fine right there? Ya, I don't know why. But that's the law.

What the crap!!! How did we get such a cute little kid! I just love her!

The forest service up here has been doing a bunch of controlled fires, and it's created some seriously wicked sunsets.

Peace out for now. We're gonna be down in the 801 next week, holla if you wanna kick it. If you wanna run into us, we'll prob be at Cafe rio... Oh and of course my sis Lindsey is getting hitched to a cool guy, and we'll be there too.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Fun Week

This week was Birthday week for me (colby).
Sar and I had a fun eventful day, started out with a sweet hike, then mostly a day on the river fishin and chillin. We did find a day care for CC. $90 later. It's expensive up here.
The little one is crawling all ove the place right now. She can get to couches stars, and in particular clothes baskets and pull herself up and start to walk around!!!!!!! ahahahah She's not suppose to do that yet! We just love her!!

This is "oxbow bend" in the teton nation park, If you ever come up here, this is the place to go canoeing, fishing, and your garenteed to see moose, and have fun little river otters at your side dancing and frolicking.
This is Julie the moose. she was just taken a dip during our canoe trip.Plenty of fish to catch.
hottie boom balotie
This is mr. bear. aka, Wolly. I think he's a grizzly. Some have said black bear, but he was huge, and and has a slight cinnamon touch. plus his snout is light. I did jump outa my care after almost hitting him and then ran after the guy to get this shot. He didn't care to even turn and look at me for his photo after screaming and yelling. He must be used to idiots like me. Sorry Wolly.

This is good ol Bro. Popp from the ward down in Sugarhouse. Every year he goes up to Idaho to some friends place that owns a 5,000 acre patato farm. I was only a couple hours away and helped him load 4 tons of patotos in his trailer. the ward then has a large feast eating potatoes. I filled up the back of my truck. What am going to do with them? good question.

ya, that's a lot of Potatoes.

Now, if you look all the way to the back you can see the mountain of Potatoes they make. It's about twenty feet high. They have 40 of these large rooms that they fill with Potatoes. We figured out the numbers and figured they have about 130 million dollors worth of potatoes. All will be sold this year.

These next few photos are just some fun ones.

And there ya go, small update for now.