Thursday, September 25, 2008

---So You Think You Can Dance---

For Colbs B-day we went to see so you think you can dance at the E-center. It was truly some of the best entertainment we've seen in our lives.....!! Soooo fun! These were some of our favorite dances of the evening and season! One exception would be the bed dance, pictured here last. Neither Colb nor I loved this one but who could resist a shot of Twitch like that, Right!!!! It looks just like Colb with his shirt off, except not black!!!! Ha Ha!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sugar and Spice!!!

Yeah for little girls!
Bring on the pink! We just found out we
are having a lil' girl!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

----------------CABIN / LOTOJA-----------------

Colby's fam has a cabin up in Afton, Wyoming that for about four years now we have been heading up to for the 206 mile Logan to Jackson bike race (Lotoja). The cabin is ideal for this particular trip as the race route runs right along the road into Afton, where the cabin is! Why this trip every year you ask, because my awesome and crazy brother in law, Stephen usually does this insane race! However this year my awesome and crazy sister, Erica who usually carts around her two cute kids while supporting her hubby in this insanely long race, decided to do the race as well. Unfortunately Stephen broke his rib prior to the race while getting involved in some crazy shinanagins in Lake Powell. So he became support crew for his darling wife! Erica did amazing and was incredibly strong through out the race and still had quite the sense of humor at each feed station! It was fun to watch and as always ended with the tradition of eating at the Mangy Mouse in Jackson Hole! Then back to the cabin, about an hour away, for a little R&R! Too much fun! Thanks van Dijks, for giving us a reason to head up there every year! Here are some of the pics from the race and at the Cabin!