Friday, September 25, 2009

A Fun Week

This week was Birthday week for me (colby).
Sar and I had a fun eventful day, started out with a sweet hike, then mostly a day on the river fishin and chillin. We did find a day care for CC. $90 later. It's expensive up here.
The little one is crawling all ove the place right now. She can get to couches stars, and in particular clothes baskets and pull herself up and start to walk around!!!!!!! ahahahah She's not suppose to do that yet! We just love her!!

This is "oxbow bend" in the teton nation park, If you ever come up here, this is the place to go canoeing, fishing, and your garenteed to see moose, and have fun little river otters at your side dancing and frolicking.
This is Julie the moose. she was just taken a dip during our canoe trip.Plenty of fish to catch.
hottie boom balotie
This is mr. bear. aka, Wolly. I think he's a grizzly. Some have said black bear, but he was huge, and and has a slight cinnamon touch. plus his snout is light. I did jump outa my care after almost hitting him and then ran after the guy to get this shot. He didn't care to even turn and look at me for his photo after screaming and yelling. He must be used to idiots like me. Sorry Wolly.

This is good ol Bro. Popp from the ward down in Sugarhouse. Every year he goes up to Idaho to some friends place that owns a 5,000 acre patato farm. I was only a couple hours away and helped him load 4 tons of patotos in his trailer. the ward then has a large feast eating potatoes. I filled up the back of my truck. What am going to do with them? good question.

ya, that's a lot of Potatoes.

Now, if you look all the way to the back you can see the mountain of Potatoes they make. It's about twenty feet high. They have 40 of these large rooms that they fill with Potatoes. We figured out the numbers and figured they have about 130 million dollors worth of potatoes. All will be sold this year.

These next few photos are just some fun ones.

And there ya go, small update for now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well this is definitely one of those times that I am totally kicking myself for not having my camera or even my camera phone with me!
This morning we hiked up a trail not to far from our house called Cache Creek, one we have done quite a few times. I like this one because there is a creek that runs right by it all the way up the trail and the dogs love to play in the little pools and it is really pretty. On our way back down as we came around a little bend there was a baby moose and a mama moose right in the middle of the trail about 10 feet in front of us! Lola who is scared of everything kind of got behind me while Bella, who is our little social butterfly, ran right up to them to say hello! She scared away the baby moose and it kind of pissed off the mama! She came right up to Bella and they starred each other down! At which point I was thinking "okay you two be nice!" Finally Bella came back to me after calling her for the past 2 min. and I decided that we would go back up the trail about 5 feet (back around the bend) and towards that creek (about 8 feet away) and play there with the dogs for a min. until the moose had made their way to the creek and off the trail at which point the plan would be to grab Bella by the collar and escort her down the trail, Lola following and pass where the moose were!
We waited and played for about 5 more min. and then headed back up toward the trail at which point we were met by the mama moose who was coming right toward us. It was a little alarming! Then we heard her baby on the other side of the creek crying at which point she started to run towards us!!!! I think I just about peed my pants at this point, as I had baby in the Bijorn attached to me and both dogs at my side! we turned around and started to run until we were cornered up against the creek, at which point we turned around to see mama moose only 2 feet in front of us! I could have reached out and touched her! She looked really mean and mad, like we kidnapped her baby! Bella kind of stepped forward toward her when her baby cried again but slightly down from where we were and she all of a sudden took off running in that direction through the brush! I about had a heart attack! Although after we quickly made our way back to the trail and quickened our pace down the rest of the trail I kept thinking, what would she have done any ways! I'm not really sure! She was big and I guess could of pushed us hard with her head, or maybe bit us, I really have no idea! But maybe she new that she was already intimidating enough just being really close to us and looking mean! Sorry mama moose for scaring your baby and making you worry! It was also really cool though after the fact! I've never been that close to a moose before, and not sure I want to be again in those circumstances anyways!
But honestly those pics would have been awesome! Although I doubt I would have had a steady shot of the the moose when she was breathing down my back!
Also Colb saw a BEAR yesterday! And if you can believe my luck I wasn't with him, however I was only about a 100 yards away just sitting there outside my car waiting for him and Cicily! It's crazy how close we could be to stuff like that and not even know it! BE BEAR AWARE I guess is right! Pics to come of the Bear, they are on Colbs Camera so I'll have them up later!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I'm sure Colb now feels a little better to get that off his chest! I'm sure most of his last post came from our visit to SLC last week, and how he really does miss Cafe Rio and the fact that it was so fun to visit our ward there and family! It's going to be okay sweetie! We had a great time with our fam and friends and it was fun for Cici to play with her cute cousin's and aunty's and uncle's as well as her Grandpa's and Grandma's.

We also had a couple of new additions to our families! (Cute baby Sky, and cute baby Braxton!) One great thing about living away from fam and friends and Cafe Rio is that it really makes you appreciate them that much more, is I'm sure what Colb was trying to say! Right Babe?

(Cute mama Erica with cute baby Skyler (Sky)

Adopted from day one, this is Sky only a couple day's old! So cute!)

(Adorable baby Braxton with mama

Chels and daddy Brian! Born in June at

1 lb 6 oz and got to come home finally

a couple of days ago weighing around 7 lbs!

Good job lil' rockstar!)

And here's a little bit more of what we've been up to!

Colb has been working a lot of course, but finds spare time to go to Jackson Lake and wake board with his friend Eric, or go fishing, or spend time with the dogs and Cici and I down at the river! Doesn't sound too bad now does it! He has also been spending a lot of time with his photography, and absolutely loves taking pics up here no matter what he says!!! I swear at least a couple 100 a day, and that's being conservative! he posted a few in the previous post.

Daddy giving Cici a Mani! (he's good at it, I still have a hard time cutting her little nails, cuz I'm afraid I'll cut her!)

Dad also always knows how to have fun, huh Ci!

Bella and Lola don't quite feel the same as Colb and they are convinced that they were born to live in Jackson, (a dog Mecca!) by now and can no longer make it through the day without a trip to the river or a near by hike sooo....

Cici and I trek out sometimes twice a day, in between naps of course, to go to the river and/or on a hike! We don't even have to repeat our trails too often due to the fact that they seem to be endless! Sometimes while we are exploring new places we find fun lil' things like this sign! They had them all over these back roads! Someone thought they were pretty funny...... and so did we!

(Is that even legal?)

And of course we can't leave without Lola's Ball, which made it's way into an interesting place the other day! Lola started getting all whiny by the bathroom so I went in there and found this

pretty sight! At first glance I had no idea then it hit me she was probably getting a drink but had mixed feelings about putting her ball down! It took a butter knife and a few min., but everything worked out in the end!

I love our days, although I'd be lying if I told you I would rather hike instead of bike these trails! Although I can't exactly attach lil' girl to the back of the mountain bike on these trail. So the goal for next year is to find a sitter every once in a while so we can take advantage of some of those fun things to do out here without a lil' one all the time!

I've also been doing a lot more cooking despite all this talk of Taco Bell and what not, and I am enjoying that too! We usually visit Colb most days at work, just down the street, and bring him lunch, (Love that he is so close now!) But if you have any fun recipes send them my way!

Love these pics, actually taken today! She was such a happy girl, after church of course!

We each had to have separate shots taken cuz Bell couldn't work the camera!

Cicily is now 7 months old and is now enjoying a lot of different foods, and has been gumming pretzels and fruits and crackers! (Sooooo messy, yet soooo cute!) She loves to eat her feet and has them in her mouth constantly with a big gummy smile, which I'll miss when she gets teeth (not yet by the way!). She is super close to crawling and I know we are in trouble when she can! She is still a very smiley happy baby most of the time and we just love her to pieces!!!!!!

Cic, slobbering on a pretzel as Lola gives very close supervision!

MILESTONES! (had to post these last pics from today!)

I said she is close to crawling here is a pic series of how practice usually goes!

(warm up with a couple of push-ups!)

Look at Mama to make sure she's watching!

Get up on all fours!

Throw self forward toward toys and bink and brace for fall!

Get the treasure, and give an "It's all good" smile!

She also today for the first time pulled herself from her belly to sitting! And not only did mom think it was pretty fancy but lil' girl thought she was pretty amazing herself!

Sorry if this last pic action was a lil' much for some peeps, but it's what we live for these day's and we think it's pretty great! Love ya all!
Also sorry about the formatting! It kind of sucks, but I was done!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just some new photos and fun.

It's beautiful here, and that's for sure the number one greatest thing about Jackson.
But I'll be honest, I could never live here full time. The idea def crossed our minds after only being here only a couple months. Some people call this area Gods Country. And it just might be. But as time as gone by you seem to miss things like. CAFE RIO, Dodo,HOME DEPOT, (the nearest one is in Idaho Falls, 2.5 hours, they have a cafe rio there too.) WALMART. Ya, there's no Wallymart here, there's actually only two grocery stores and a more than pathetic K-Mart. Most of the gas stations don't have Mountain Dew on tap. There's one place to wash your car. They don't have an Arby's, Olive Garden, Chile's, oh, and the Sushi here isn't anything special, but if you want a Buffalo steak, that's nice. I'm done eating those for the next five years already. They do have a Taco Bell, but the tortillas they use are these huge fat flower tortilas that obsorb every bit of mosture in your mouth so you can't even get through one bit without having to take a pull off your drink to get it down. Ya, taco bell sucks. The worker outside smoking while I ordered sucks too. There's no way she could have washed her discusting hands and gotten to the window in time to hand me my food and tell me to have a nice day. uhhghgh!!
How about movie theatures. Stadium seating doesn't exist up here, but you do have two places to choose from.Yey. thus giving you a total of 6 movies to choose out of. Don't let me fool you, we don't know anybody up here to babysit our little monster, so its not like we're hitting the theatre(s). I could go on, but really. How about Gyms. You'd think they'd atleast have a Golds Gym. No, no gymns here. just the little tiny ones that are all about ciruit training and have 6 machines packed into a little place that was prob once a T-shirt shop. Just to paint the picture.
I'm deeply afraid of the winter time here. I did just get the "sport, nfl" package on our Direct TV service to get ready for the dredded winter. I hope we don't freeze. I'm excited to watch all the World cup qualifiers. Oh, speaking of soccer, it sucks up here, there's no indoor soccer, stupid. How about Ward Basketball, nope. None of that. There's just two Wards up here. Utah here we come. In about two years....
Other than all that crap, life is fab up here, the gallery is doing great. Better than expected. Sar, the dogs and good ol Cicily keep life interesting. I'm having an artist named Malcom Furlow paint our dogs right now, he's doing 2 50 x 50 paintings of them. He's an abstract painter,Fun, fun. Our next adventure is soon to come and we'll be posting about that. In the meantime, enjoy the photos. If you've read this whole blabbing blab cudos to you. I patheticaly usually only look at pictures when surfing blogs.

cute little bug.

It's been fun to see here beggining to interact.

I got only about 4 ft. from one of these guys. Kinda scary.

I love this shot!

Cicily and Daddy! I never knew I could love a little one as much as her.