Monday, June 30, 2008


Well not much more than heart beat and apparently not a very clear one, because I guess I didn't drink enough water, but enough to know that there is a little eggo in our prego! This was taken at 6 1/2 weeks, when we first found out, and I am now a little over 8 weeks! We are super excited and have had a really hard time keeping it a secret, well mostly Colb! Our due date as of right now is February 10th, so maybe a Valentines Baby!
The funny thing is we honestly had no idea! I was switching insurances so we could go see another doctor who might be able to help us. The other insurance asked me to take a pregnancy test and have my doctor fax in the results. I didn't think to much of it and went into my doctors office took the test and the nurse came in and was like..."Well it looks as though we have a positive!".... I was completely shocked! Colb wasn't with me nor did he even know what I was doing that day! So when I drove up to Park City to see him that day and bring him an early Father's Day present he wasn't the slightest bit tipped off! I got him this little statue thing with a mom, dad and new baby, from Desert Book, (sooo cheesey)! Even after unwrapping it, he just looked at it and was like... "Oh, thanks, hun!" and then he was like, "I guess you really want a baby!" And for those of you who know Colby, that was just classic! After doing a little explaining so he could understand that WE WERE GOING TO HAVE A BABY, then the celebration began!!!! We are soooo happy and just wanted to share the news with everyone!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Colbs Photography

For the last two weeks Sar has been at Girls camp and Cheer camp. So, I've obviously been board and decided to do this post............
So, a little hobby/passion of mine is taking photos. I love it!!! I love it soo much that while Sar and I are driving around I'm always commenting on what I think would make a cool photo or what not. I'd hate to be married to a person like me. I'm always wanting to turn around and go back or stop on the side of a road.... When Sar and I were dating I always had a camera with me, not just one but two. That was in the day of 35mm camera's, so I'd always have a camera with black and white film and the other with regular color film. Needless to say we had a good number of photos for our wedding day. Sar sure is a great sport, for putting up with me.
I started to really enjoy photography when I was "a little shit" in my father's terms. I was around ten years old and was given my very own camera. I took photos of everything, until one day I dropped it in the pool and my Mom said she wasn't going to replace it, so tuff luck. Maybe she was happy cause she was done with developing photos with nobody in them and of stupid random things.
later on I really got into photography when high school came around. I shot my very first wedding when I was a senior. I also began shooting photos of some of the girls in high school. Their moms would catch wind of it and have me photograph there girls, usually we'd go out to the garden park ward. (classic photographers heaven). It was fun.
After High School I started college, and ran into a photographer name Scott Green. He had his own photography business and mainly shot models and did weddings etc. I worked with him as an "aprentice" for almost a year. and learned a lot about the body and how to position it in certain ways etc.... I will say I didn't make jack but it sure was fun, . That's what I think photography is all about, the "fun". So, just to share some of that fun-ness I've created a blog and stuck just a bunch of stuff on it. I think next month I'll stick a bunch of my photoshop stuff on it too. so here it is, enjoy. There is a ton, and not all will fit on one page so you need to click on the titles on the right to open more. (fyi)

Friday, June 6, 2008


So, Sar is the one that does all the posts on the blog. However I'm going to attempt putting together my first "blog". And it goes like this.............

Here we are, happy little couple.

Colb (me) goin big! Go big or Go home, Right?!
This is most of the crew, and there's the house boat in the background. Pres Bush helped us buy into this year so thanks 'B".
Wakeboarding is one of our favorite things of all time!

Sar is so freakin sexy when she wakeboards!


Sar and I wake skating. We actually kissed while out there. I wanted to add that photo but I thought I'd keep this pg.

The water was super nice!

The distance between the two splashes is the distance of the jump!
It almost tipped back on us nuckleheads a couple of times. Great entertainment! Chillin..................... Anthony, his girl Daniel, and us, took the kayaks out for a good three hour adventure. We cruised around forever and found some really neet slot canyons to venture up.
This place was soooo beautiful!!

by the time we got here we had the whole left right paddle thing down so we didn't run into the wall too much. A typical comment while rowing was Sar saying "hun, I swear if you do that one more time!.............!

We found a cliff to jump off!

The water weinie!............... It was a stupid idea to even blow it up. You always hear those stories of hitting heads etc. Well you guessed it me and Anthony smacked heads pretty hard. It still hurts four days later.

Bill and Trish, Sar and I just love them. Bill is a great guy with a super dry personality. Trish is like a mother to us and is just so real.

Greg, Tris, Stacie, and Kirby.

We think they're a fun couple. I think they should get married too. I think Dani wanted to kill me after the trip for making so many marriage jokes, but it was fun.

K. So the water balloon laucher is always a highlight of the Lake Powell trip. This year to make it even more interesting we brought down a dozen tennis balls!! in the pic below is Anthony lauching, kirby holding on the right and Greg on the left. That's me way out there on the Sea doo dodging.

This is Sarah being hot.

She's really good at it!

Crazy crater! down inside it dropped down about 200 ft..............but not really, it was only like five, but it still was cool.


This here might have been one of the most gorgeous places we've been to EVER!!! It's the narrows at Antelope point. The little indians charge ya a butt load to go down it ,but it's worth it.

The hike through prob lasted a good 300 yards.

We feel like we're still on our honey moon, cause of all the pics we take.

This was a fun attempt at the camera timer!

A true photographers heaven!

Is this not the sweetest place EVER!!

The trip ended at The Point Restaurant at the Marina.

We had such a great trip. Prob one of the funnest Lake Powell trips of all time.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Puppy Love!

Lola plays really hard now for about an hour to an hour and a half before she completely crashes! And it honestly doesn't matter how or where, she will be out for about 2 to 3 hours! It cracks us up!I was holding her and she crawled up there and fell right a sleep, just like that!She also really likes to spread herself out, and make herself comfortable.........apparently that is comfortable!!!Lo still can't get enough of her Bella! And Bell just doesn't care anymore! So Bella will spoon with her George and Lola will spoon with Bell! And everyone's happy!
Yes she is a girl and yes she really did fall asleep like this for a half hour before adjusting herself!This lil' girl know's how to relax! We luv this kid!