Monday, March 1, 2010

Cicily is ONE!!!! (a month ago!)

Well we're a little behind as usual, but this is one of Cicily's 1st year pics done by loulouphotography, who is awesome and did a fantastic job, thanks Mandi! Cici turned one on Feb. 4th and we are still in shock it has been a whole year! More pics like these to follow in a few days when we get the rest!

Now for the birthday celebration pics!!!!

We first Celebrated in Jackson on her actual birthday with a few friends and then went down to SLC to celebrate with some family and friends there!


The first cake attempt! (Idea from my very creative and cute friend Becky in Jackson!)
1st attempt mini cake! (the eyes are a lil' scary I know!)

first time having all eyes on her to open presents!
Some friends from Jackson!


2nd cake attempt!

2nd mini cake attempt!

She was fairly conservative for what we thought which was good because what kind of mother dresses their child in a white shirt for them to make a mess in!

Grandpa Greg was there to help make a mess too!

Rest of the spread! (the cupcake flowers were also my friend Becky's idea! Thanks darlin'!) And Thanks mom for helping me make all this stuff! Good times at one in the morning!

our lil' fam!
And other friends and fam who came to play!

Cute Tag! (her lil' boyfriend!)

Goin' for a "feelski"

Whose kid is this anyways????

Ha ha, oh ya! Braden did you teach him that one?

In the end she just wanted her mama and her balloons!

Thanks Erica for letting us play at your house and thanks to everyone who came to play!
Happy 1 year beautiful girl!!!!!!