Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life in Jackson Hole

Here is a little update of what we've been up to in the last month or so! Get ready for a lot of pics because if you know Colb you know that in the two months we've been living here, we have pics like we've been here for 5 years! (here's just a few of those!)

Jenny Lake in Teton National Park (about 20 min. away from Jackson)

Lot's of hikes

One of Colb's beauty's... (purely speaking of the awesome sunset, mountains and reflection of course!)

A little bit of fishing!

Boating on Jackson Lake with some of the only friends we have met in Jackson so far! And they happen to have a boat! Yey!!! (Honestly it is not what inspired the friendship, we found out about the boat much later in the relationship.... about a week!)

CiCi came too and told us she wanted a boat for her birthday! Silly Cici...........Okay!

Colb about to Go big with the Tetons in the back! (always "ABOUT", cuz I suck at getting him in the air! Sorry babe!)

Me, not about to go big, just in case I crash and land in the freezing cold water!!!

Baby girl also debuted her funny cute lil' flower swimsuit cover my mom got her, we and she loved it!

We've been making and eating these delicious things just about every week for the past month, were addicted and can't get enough!

Cicily is about 5 1/2 months old now and has been up to a lot lately, in our opinion anyway! Such as loving this big girl swing at the park by our house...

Eating her first real food, if you can call rice cereal real food, in her big girl high chair! (thanks great grandpa and grandma Wilson!)

Finally fitting in her big girl stroller without her car seat!.....

She loves being carried and observing everything in the lil' baby carrier! We are actually going on our third baby carrier! It just so happens that the move has made Lola a lil' nervous when we leave the house and it seems as though if we are a little careless about where we leave stuff she has been tearing things apart, such as the B'jorn's! Luckily after B'jorn number 2 we found out you can send them into the company and they will send you a new one free, no matter who made the damage! We especially love the B'jorn brand now for this reason!
Cici is now jabbering up a storm and is so close to crawling! I have mixed feelings about letting her practice her crawling so much! No need to be all over the place yet darlin'!

We've seen these animals so far!


Moose and Buffalo!

N0 bears yet, although every 2 feet there are "Be Bear Aware" signs! I don't want a close encounter, but I've never seen a wild bear before and would really like too! I'll keep you posted on that!

We've had a lot of visitor's, almost every week and love it, so if you want to come we are again extending the offer, Come play!

Tetons and Larsen's

Colb and dad at Ox bow Bend

Old Faithful and Coberly boys in Yellowstone!

Cici trying to eat, or kiss her cousin, were not sure yet! She just loved these boys, and couldn't stop flirting with them!

Da Boys!!!

(except Cici and Bell and Lo!) Sadly the doggies can't come with us into the National parks but lucky for them there are about 100 other lil' hikes for them to go on all over and around Jackson! In fact I'm pretty sure everyone in Jackson owns at least 2 dogs!

Lex and Parker at the top of the Alpine slide at Snow king resort

More fun on the Alpine slide with The vanDijks, who came up to play over the 4th!

We went to the town breakfeast and parade on the 4th! We saw Dick Cheney and his whole huge family, however the only thing worth taking a picture of right then was this cute lil' thing in her 4th of July get up!(thanks Karen for the outfit!) She really did sport these sunglasses for a while!

Cici loves her cousin Kali!

We also tried out the tramps and bungees at the Snow King resort! (A Total Blast!)

Ziek (what a brave 2yr. old) flying high, just not wanting to look how high!

Stephen and Colb getting a lil' crazy at the park!

Ziek also getting crazy at the park!

Later that night on the 4th we enjoyed one of the best firework shows we have ever seen at the base of Snow King Mountain! Baby girl loved it, although this pic doesn't really reflect that, but fell asleep 1/2 way through!

Our one concern is that, if you'll notice the sweaters, coats and thick blankets we have on us, well if it is this cold in the middle of the summer up here then we might certainly be screwed up here in the winter!

My parents came up the next week and watched baby for us the first half of the day while we went whitewater rafting down the Snake and then we went down the canyon to watch my parents go down the river the second half of the day! It was AWESOME!!!!

Colb is in the front on the left and I'm right behind him. The rest of the peeps were a group of friends visiting from Cali. We didn't know them but they were hilarious! Good times! These pics are taken at one of the bigger rapids along the snake, at "the lunch counter!"

The water was extremely cold, in fact this second week of July was the first week they were letting peeps go down without wetsuits! Good motivation to paddle hard through the rapids and stay in the boat!

While waiting for my parents to come through "lunch counter" we watched some guys surf the rapids! It was pretty cool!

Then this was my weak attempt to capture my parents going through the rapids, I only caught my dad (third from the right in the 2nd row! My mom was in the first row, all the way to the left! You can only see her arms! Sorry mom! But holy crap! Go Mom and Dad for battling the Snake River rapids!

And most recently was Colby's Mom visiting, she was awesome and watched CC while went to see the new Harry Potter movie one night and another night while we went to see "Grease" performed as a musical. It was great! This pic is taken at lunch at the Grand Teton Lodge.

So things are going pretty good and were having a lot of fun so far and think it is absolutely Gorgeous up here! Colby can't stop taking photo's, infact I hope he'll post some of the awesome photos he's taken on our facebook. I'll leave you with a pic of Colb and Anthony getting a lil' crazy one night with the antler arches! Looks like they might have had a visit to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar previous to this pic!

Just Kidding!