Sunday, April 4, 2010


Warning Picture and Dialog overload. Give yourself some time.

This past winter has been a total blast. We've gotten in our share of boarding and fun to hold us off until next year..... That is, if there is a next year season, this one just may be Sar's last time boarding for another two years again! oops....j/k, only talk about nino numero dos.

Super fun day with Sar and the Sisters!


Annual Dog sled race. It's at night, when it's freezing cold! We've had three straight weeks below negative 5 degrees up here. The coldest day of the year I think was negative 29. burr cold. Ya, kinda stupid in my mind that they had the dog sled race at night. You'll see the pics didn't turn out that great because of this. But how sweet is it, that the route went right in front of our house!!!!!

This is Cicily's Care Bear suit. We love it, best thing ever. We joke around about the days we pretended to be care bears. "Care Bears Stare!!!"

You'd be surprised just how fast they go, if you haven't seen it in person! We were shocked., daily we take the dogs up Cache Creek Canyon. The dogs love it, as do we. It's beautiful. This is the same canyon trail that Sar had the run it with the Moose when it chased her... Speaking of Moose. Sar runs three times a week with some gals. They see Moose every time right here in town early in the morning. The record is 6 Moose in one run.. Apparently the Moose come down and sleep next to the homes to stay warm. We have a few neighbors that half to check through the windows before they leave the house so they don't spook one and get trampled. They're mean...Real mean. We have a few friends that have been chased here in town by them.. Kinda funny. Speaking of animals and funny.... I think this is hilarious. There's a fox going around town killing every ones cats!!! lol.... Nobody seems to be able to catch Timmy the fox, aka prince of the North, and ruler of the east.

bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla, is what Cicily says during our hikes. It's really funny. She gets real talkative. So, ya, it's official I'm a Dad with a kid in a hiking pack on my back...


We've spent 2-3 days a week in the swimming pool at the rec center. She loves it. "Dad!, watch me" I swear she shows off for the camera...Well, not just the camera, she's a total ham when we go to like Albertson's or anywhere public, she makes cute faces and waves to everyone! She gives smiles from ear to ear and tries to work everyone into playing pee ka boo. Another thing she's been doing that Sar and I get a real kick out of, is. She'll walk up to someone and just look up at them, no emotion at all, no emotion. Just a stare, and I swear she's looking right into there souls or something.... What's really funny is that it takes about 10 seconds until the person she's staring at starts to feel uncomfortable, it's soooo funny...In that first 10 seconds most people will try and make her smile or giggle, or even wave... But she'll just stare. After 10 seconds most people look up at us like what the *(%$ is wrong with your kid, or something.. to that effect... So, you get one extreme or another, a super smiley kid or stare down....

Rock Climbing!

Twice a week we go to the rock climbing gym. It's been a serious blast. Sar conquered her first 5.10 the other day. I was bent because I couldn't do that one....Cicily has a crush on one of the workers that watches her during our climbing. In the above photos is brother in law, Cub. He and Lindsey came up to visit this past winter. We went to Targhee with them. While we were there they received literally 19 inches of snow....It was crazy.


The Gustafson fam, and a crazy crazy broken back!

Our friends Alec and Emily came up for a visit. They stayed a few days. Hit Targhee and went snowmobiling this day with us.... Seriously it was one of the most beautiful days of the year, and one of the best days of the winter in general. Up until we had a rather BIG accident. Alec, the goof ball in the front of the picture was on the back of the snowmobile with me when I crashed into a wash. He broke his back in four places! I somehow came out ok. The back end of the machine is what took the worst part of the blow, and it didn't help that Alec was zipping up his jacket when it happened. I've never felt so bad. He was in soooo much pain. In the end we made it out ok, got him some drugs and the next day he made it down to Utah to get x-rayed etc. Surprisingly he's suppose to be back up and doing his thing soon. The fractures luckily didn't need any surgery either. Alec your a champ! I can't believe how well you've been able to handle it.....

Best winter ever! No, greatest winter ever!!