Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi! We're in Jackson!

After about two weeks now, we are officially almost 3/4 of the way unpacked, man do we have a lot of crap! Here's a couple pics of the inside of the house, and what we've accomplished so far!

This is what you see when you walk in the front door, mostly all of our living area!

More of the living area! Lola and Bella Chillaxin' while I fold laundry.... Typical!

Obviously, the kitchen and honestly my favorite part about this lil' house! All new appliances, YEAH!! So nice to have something new after our really old house in Salt Lake! Don't get me wrong though, I absolutely love our lil' house in Sugar House and already really miss it! And on a side note we also really really miss our ward and all our neighborhood friends......another story for another day!

Here is another room completely accomplished recently, Baby's room! And yes that is our lil' camera monitor set up strategically on the boppy, on the chair, watching......

Cute baby Cici sleeping in her swing! She has definitely slowed the progress of getting things done, but honestly it has always been great to take a lot of breaks to play and nap with her! A friend of Colby's is staying in our extra room right now, upstairs so no pics of that for now, and our bedroom along with the rest of the house, not pictured is still a disaster! We actually owe a huge thank you to Colb's mom, Carol for helping us move up here as well as stay for a week and be such a huge help organizing things and watching Cici so we could get more stuff done! Thanks Carol! Cici loved having her Grandma here!

Now it has been extremely rainy, just like everywhere else and the temp has been in the 30's and 40's, so we haven't gotten out a whole lot. However today, after having a bad case of cabin fever we decided to go out in the rain and cold any way! Colb went away with his Dad to go save the world shooting one lil' pot-gut at a time! (He always tells me that they are really doing these farmers a favor cuz the little critters make these holes and the cows step in them and blah blah blah! ) Anyways while Colb has been in Sheridan, WY, the dogs and Cici and I all went to hike Snow King Mountain! This mountain is literally in our front yard! If you walk out on our front porch, it is staring you right in the face, See!
Since the trail to climb Snow King is so close to us we have attempted to climb it several times in the past two weeks, but have been rained out and frozen every time! Today I looked for a clear patch in the sky and went out a little more prepared, in case it did rain on us. It was extremely vertical and a beast of a climb and what's crazy is that people run this all day long. After climbing it today I thought running it would be extremely hard core, but at the end of my hike there were two mountain bikers going up it, so I guess that tops it for me! It said it was only 1.8 miles to the top so I didn't think it would be to bad to strap baby up in the Bjorn and head our with the doggies, however it was a little harder than I anticipated. It was straight up for 1.8 miles and I had about 30 extra pounds to carry, (baby: almost 12 lbs now at 4 1/2 months, and me: with still an extra 18 or so... lbs. on me from carrying baby!) It also rained on us twice during our little adventure, but the dogs loved it and Cici didn't seem to mind and three hours later we were up and down! The best part was the view from the top, absolutely breath-taking, really the camera couldn't even do it justice!!! Here's some pics from our outing!

Starting out, dogs already have a pretty good lead!

About 1/2 way, took a pic cuz I couldn't believe it was still so steep!

Apparently they like to put up big orange pads in case you fall backwards! Good idea!

Hiked right by the top of the ski lift and kept on going!

It started raining at this point and we were already into the hike about an hour! This is my panic face as it got colder! Also notice boy way behind me running up the trail......

This is same boy still running way past me up the trail! I will do this some day! Hey were going to be here at least 2 or 3 years!
Put my rain coat on Cici, she looked really cute! Although this is what she was thinking.....

Blah! I look really annoyed in this pic, wasn't but didn't know I would be in the pic! Love her face though! I couldn't see what she was doing when I would take the pic, so this one totally made me laugh out loud when I looked later!

These last few were taken at the top! Soooooo Beautiful!!!!!!! You can see the whole town, the whole elk refuge, as well as the Tetons in the very back with snow on them! It doesn't even look real, like I am taking a picture of a picture!

This last one was the other side of the mountain! And as you can see the trail finally plains out at the top of the mountain!

Going down went almost as slow as going up, my knees felt like I just ran the St. George marathon, (that course is mostly down hill, not steep just down hill for about 20 miles!) Anyways when I got to the bottom it felt like the same pain! Needless to say I will probably be a lil' sore tomorrow! It was a good way to kick start my "loose the baby weight" work outs again for the 3rd time! Also another lil' side note if you notice in some of the pics I cut my hair about 10 inches, Whoa! It has been nice not to deal with it lately!

Well so long for now, more Jackson adventures to come!