Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our little Doll

This was Cicily's first little photo shoot of the hundred she'll be participating in this first year. Her next schedule shoot will be Monday morning. I'm having a blast with her. She's just a little angel. Sar and I are just loving this. We sit there and just watch her, just sit and watch her cute little self make noises. The dogs enjoy it as well. They surprisingly have been awesome, and not only that, but protective. Especially Bella. It's fun to see.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yey! We're Finally Home!

After a week in the hospital for me and 5 extra days in the hospital for Cicily we were finally able to leave and come home yesterday afternoon! My labor went so long that I got an infection and a really high fever a couple of hours before baby came out, so when baby came out she to had the fever and infection and had to be on antibiotics as well and monitored for what looked like a week! However she is such a strong little girl that she pulled through the infection a little sooner and we got to go home Monday of this week instead of Wednesday! We are so happy to be home and love not being poked and prodded at anymore!

She had a rough start and was immediately taken to the special care nursery which is a level 2 NICU, ( not as serious as a level 1 NICU)! There she was hooked up to all sorts of monitors, and IV's (yuck, hard to see for a new mommy and daddy!)

She had her own room and her very own nurse 24/7 and was not allowed to leave the nursery, which meant we couldn't be with her all of the time, hated that, so did she!

Visitors were only allowed 2 at a time plus mom or dad in her room and had to scrub in to come into the nursery. Depending on how she was doing couldn't be held sometimes! Sorry Aunty Linds and Uncle Colb!!!

This was a happier day when dad was holding her! Too cute!!!

Finally on Sunday night she was well enough to go into the Well Baby nursery which meant I could now bring her into my room almost whenever I wanted! This was our "happy to have little baby with us", family pic, in my hospital room!

Then Monday afternoon we said "see ya later suckers!" and we went home! Yeah!!!!!

Now we are home and get to see cute baby faces like this all day!!!!! (even if our hands are still all bruised from all of the IV's (mean nurses!!!!)

Happy to be home!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

*Happy Birthday Cicily Diane Larsen*

Cicily Diane Larsen

6 pounds 12 ounces

20 inches

born Feb. 4th
3:10 am
1 day left at this point.
12 hour night of citotec to soften her cervix, 18 laboring hours, and an hour and ten min of pushing! Then BABY!

Yey Baby is here!!!