Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Mom said we have to stay together!!!"

I've been trying to train the doggies on this new little device for the past few months, making them stay together only inches apart on one leash! Although I feel pretty safe, I can see that this huge prego girl coming down the path with these two huge dogs pulling her every which way has made some people feel a little nervous, as seen and heard by their looks and comments! A regular comment made is "Wow, it looks like there taking you for a walk!" After hearing this comment at least a dozen times every time we go out, my courtesy laugh has now turned into half a courtesy smile, your hilarious my friends! The goal is to get them pretty manageable on one leash so when I can start running again after baby is born that I will be able to take the whole crew out running with me, (rockin' two dogs and a jogging stroller!) I've seen it done before and mostly it is just a show for everyone else on the streets watching, so honk and laugh when you see it! Training so far has been going pretty good, a little of an adjustment at first with the constant bumping of heads, tangles, choking, learning to stop when the other has to go to the bathroom, etc. but now it is mostly Bella leading Lola. However now more than ever Lola feels the need to be right by Bella's side all of the time, whether Bella wants her there or not! It cracks us up!

Down to unwrapping there Christmas spoils next to each other! Although now I think Bella is finding out that this is not all that bad and that it has somewhat inspired a team effort on her part. The other day I looked out the window in the back yard and wished I had my camera near by as to capture this little moment: Bella was standing under this bush/tree in our back yard as Lola jumped her two front paws on Bella's back in attempt to reach some sticks to pull off the tree for them to both play with and chase each other around the yard and then completely destroy into slivers all over afterwards! Great team effort guys, too funny!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Past Few Months

We're still alive and doing well fellow bloggers!!! Sarah hasn't had the Baby yet, if she had you'd have a million little photos of tiny feet and fingers to look at. So, instead here's a smiggin of what we've been up to for the last 3 months.

Every Christmas the Fam goes to see "The Forgotten Carols" It's fun every year, and for some reason I understand one more thing in the story. I swear they reveal something new though every year.....

Sar is ready for the Baby to get out of her tummy now. This is her with my Sis Alexis. She's having a little boy in a week or so. I think it's going to be fun that they'll be having kids just a week apart.
I got a new camera. The D-90. It's been a hoot! I've be having a blast with it.

So cute.

For Christmas and birthday presents I took Family photos for a few siblings. It was a lot of fun.
Above is Talin, Brian and my Sis Chelsey.

Chels and Brian.

I love this photo. This is Sar's Sis Erika and her rockin hubby Steve with they're two cute little adopted kiddos, Kalli and Zeik. We just love em.

I can't wait to have little kiddos of our own. I love pics like this.

This is Rachelle and Jeff. Rachelle is the one that dove in the Olympics. She and Jeff live up in Washington and we don't get to see them too often. We love when they come to visit though.

Lastly. I wanted to make sure that you guys had some sort of humor during this blog post, so I thought I'd share why Sarah got pregnant (per my mother) after two and half years of trying.
I'll start by saying my Mom is Buddhist. She is a Reiki Master as well. She's gone on a couple "pilgrimage's" to Tibet, Nepal, the Himalayas area and she's hit Buhtan a couple of times as well.
So.......This last time she went out there she told us about these fertility blessing you can get from the Karmapa. A guy that's kinda like Buddha or the Dali Lama. (Best way to explain a Karmapa)
Well, this Karmapa dude can give blessings and if you want to get one vicariously for someone else, you can. Great. So, there's this fertility blessing you can get and is done with one of two instruments. A wooden penis or a stone penis. The person kneels at the altar, the Karmapa chants a few things and bops you on the head and next thing you know you get pregnant. !!
My Mom asked us which instrument we thought she should have the Karmapa use. The wooden, or stone. We thought it was only natural to use "wood".
So, here we are. Prego. Technically Sar got pregnant two weeks after the bop on my mothers head in Tibet. coincidence? Who knows.... All I know is that it makes a great laugh. The picture above is a typical sign seen on most homes out there. It is a sign for the blessing of fertility or something of the sort. A shlong or penis, whatever you call it tagged on the side of a building is what it looks like to me though. The original photo hangs on our refrigerator with a small heart magnet over the ...... thing. Next time you stop by and say hi, move the magnet to the right or left revealing the graffiti..
Stay tuned for Baby!!!!! She'll be popping out in the next 2-3 weeks!!