Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well this is definitely one of those times that I am totally kicking myself for not having my camera or even my camera phone with me!
This morning we hiked up a trail not to far from our house called Cache Creek, one we have done quite a few times. I like this one because there is a creek that runs right by it all the way up the trail and the dogs love to play in the little pools and it is really pretty. On our way back down as we came around a little bend there was a baby moose and a mama moose right in the middle of the trail about 10 feet in front of us! Lola who is scared of everything kind of got behind me while Bella, who is our little social butterfly, ran right up to them to say hello! She scared away the baby moose and it kind of pissed off the mama! She came right up to Bella and they starred each other down! At which point I was thinking "okay you two be nice!" Finally Bella came back to me after calling her for the past 2 min. and I decided that we would go back up the trail about 5 feet (back around the bend) and towards that creek (about 8 feet away) and play there with the dogs for a min. until the moose had made their way to the creek and off the trail at which point the plan would be to grab Bella by the collar and escort her down the trail, Lola following and pass where the moose were!
We waited and played for about 5 more min. and then headed back up toward the trail at which point we were met by the mama moose who was coming right toward us. It was a little alarming! Then we heard her baby on the other side of the creek crying at which point she started to run towards us!!!! I think I just about peed my pants at this point, as I had baby in the Bijorn attached to me and both dogs at my side! we turned around and started to run until we were cornered up against the creek, at which point we turned around to see mama moose only 2 feet in front of us! I could have reached out and touched her! She looked really mean and mad, like we kidnapped her baby! Bella kind of stepped forward toward her when her baby cried again but slightly down from where we were and she all of a sudden took off running in that direction through the brush! I about had a heart attack! Although after we quickly made our way back to the trail and quickened our pace down the rest of the trail I kept thinking, what would she have done any ways! I'm not really sure! She was big and I guess could of pushed us hard with her head, or maybe bit us, I really have no idea! But maybe she new that she was already intimidating enough just being really close to us and looking mean! Sorry mama moose for scaring your baby and making you worry! It was also really cool though after the fact! I've never been that close to a moose before, and not sure I want to be again in those circumstances anyways!
But honestly those pics would have been awesome! Although I doubt I would have had a steady shot of the the moose when she was breathing down my back!
Also Colb saw a BEAR yesterday! And if you can believe my luck I wasn't with him, however I was only about a 100 yards away just sitting there outside my car waiting for him and Cicily! It's crazy how close we could be to stuff like that and not even know it! BE BEAR AWARE I guess is right! Pics to come of the Bear, they are on Colbs Camera so I'll have them up later!


Stephen, Erica, Kalli, Ziek, Sky said...

AAHHHH! Holy Smokes Girl! So so dangerous! You guys be careful up there in cowboy country!

Booth and Tiffany Jenson said...

i would have peed my pants for sure. way cool though.

Brian & Chelsey said...

Holy Freaking cow!!!! I would well im not sure wht i would have done but it would have been embarassing for sure!!! Glad your safe!!!

Dr. Carol Wilson said...

I knew it was not a matter of IF but WHEN you encountered some beasts on the trail. That one was a close call. Mama Moose could have done all kinds of not fun things. Lola is SO FUNNY. Poor Bella probably has her feelings hurt that her friendliness wasn't reciprocated so she needs lots of TLC!

Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

Oh my, scary! Moose can be really mean, especially mama moose. Glad it turned out okay and you now have an interesting story to tell.

Jess said...

Yikes! That sounds scary but super cool... Are you going to gear up for XC so you can have your adventures all winter long? :)