Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just some new photos and fun.

It's beautiful here, and that's for sure the number one greatest thing about Jackson.
But I'll be honest, I could never live here full time. The idea def crossed our minds after only being here only a couple months. Some people call this area Gods Country. And it just might be. But as time as gone by you seem to miss things like. CAFE RIO, Dodo,HOME DEPOT, (the nearest one is in Idaho Falls, 2.5 hours, they have a cafe rio there too.) WALMART. Ya, there's no Wallymart here, there's actually only two grocery stores and a more than pathetic K-Mart. Most of the gas stations don't have Mountain Dew on tap. There's one place to wash your car. They don't have an Arby's, Olive Garden, Chile's, oh, and the Sushi here isn't anything special, but if you want a Buffalo steak, that's nice. I'm done eating those for the next five years already. They do have a Taco Bell, but the tortillas they use are these huge fat flower tortilas that obsorb every bit of mosture in your mouth so you can't even get through one bit without having to take a pull off your drink to get it down. Ya, taco bell sucks. The worker outside smoking while I ordered sucks too. There's no way she could have washed her discusting hands and gotten to the window in time to hand me my food and tell me to have a nice day. uhhghgh!!
How about movie theatures. Stadium seating doesn't exist up here, but you do have two places to choose from.Yey. thus giving you a total of 6 movies to choose out of. Don't let me fool you, we don't know anybody up here to babysit our little monster, so its not like we're hitting the theatre(s). I could go on, but really. How about Gyms. You'd think they'd atleast have a Golds Gym. No, no gymns here. just the little tiny ones that are all about ciruit training and have 6 machines packed into a little place that was prob once a T-shirt shop. Just to paint the picture.
I'm deeply afraid of the winter time here. I did just get the "sport, nfl" package on our Direct TV service to get ready for the dredded winter. I hope we don't freeze. I'm excited to watch all the World cup qualifiers. Oh, speaking of soccer, it sucks up here, there's no indoor soccer, stupid. How about Ward Basketball, nope. None of that. There's just two Wards up here. Utah here we come. In about two years....
Other than all that crap, life is fab up here, the gallery is doing great. Better than expected. Sar, the dogs and good ol Cicily keep life interesting. I'm having an artist named Malcom Furlow paint our dogs right now, he's doing 2 50 x 50 paintings of them. He's an abstract painter,Fun, fun. Our next adventure is soon to come and we'll be posting about that. In the meantime, enjoy the photos. If you've read this whole blabbing blab cudos to you. I patheticaly usually only look at pictures when surfing blogs.

cute little bug.

It's been fun to see here beggining to interact.

I got only about 4 ft. from one of these guys. Kinda scary.

I love this shot!

Cicily and Daddy! I never knew I could love a little one as much as her.


Kristin said...

Mmmm... Cafe Rio. Maybe I'll head over there right now :)
Oh crap, there closed til Monday...

Eli and Candace said...

Great shots!! My screen saver at work is of the Tetons - so beautiful!!