Saturday, October 3, 2009

Laughing Yoga and Baby CC smiles

Have you ever heard of laughing yoga?! If not, go to this link and be prepared to laugh your butt off and see what Sarah has been up to with our ward here. Crazy people! The best is that Sar comes home laughing her head off, and I admit she talks me into some parts. She pulled this video up for me to see what it's really like.....enjoy lol, lol lol, After that one, if you want more this is a good one too.
Oh, shoot it just kills me! hooo hooo haaa haaa haaaa!
lol, lol, ha ha,...I just die watching these. I hope that all the women in our Ward get together again, I'm for sure doing a sneak attack and video taping it for all of you.
Here's some of the latest shots of the little monkey and some adventures!
This is my all-time favorite shot of the little one!
Bath time!!!

Sar did an excellent job getting real close to these guys, she even crawled down into a ditch to get this shot of Black bear Mama Jane, and her cub frank. He's there, you just can't see him well.

This is Ted. Named after Ted. Did you know if you were to find a bald eagles feather and pick it up, that bamm, you'd have a $500 fine right there? Ya, I don't know why. But that's the law.

What the crap!!! How did we get such a cute little kid! I just love her!

The forest service up here has been doing a bunch of controlled fires, and it's created some seriously wicked sunsets.

Peace out for now. We're gonna be down in the 801 next week, holla if you wanna kick it. If you wanna run into us, we'll prob be at Cafe rio... Oh and of course my sis Lindsey is getting hitched to a cool guy, and we'll be there too.


Dr. Carol Wilson said...

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Slowly Norman regained use of his limbs. As his condition steadily improved over the following months, Cousins resumed his busy life, eventually returning to work full-time at the Saturday Review. Cousins detailed his journey in “Anatomy of an Illness.”

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Norman Cousins died in November, 1990. Norman Cousins led an extraordinary life. He received hundreds of awards including the Peace Medal from the United Nations. Cousins received nearly fifty honorary doctorate degrees and served as a diplomat during three presidential administrations. Cousins spent his lifetime challenging the odds.

Koko said...

That is one seriously adorable girl!!

Brian & Chelsey said...

so funny! What a stinking cutie! i so cannot wait to see you guys! im down for Rio of Cafe...let me know when your going and Brax and Iwill meet ya! :)

Kim said...

What a doll! she is adorable!

Stephen, Erica, Kalli, Ziek, Sky said...

We want to kick it with cute CC!! Let's do laughing yoga Sarah! (You can come to Colby.)