Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well it's good to know that even the people who have lived up here in Jackson for a long time think it is unusually cold for this time of year too! For the past two weeks it has been consistently below ZERO DEGREE'S!!!!!! (AHHHHH!) Apparently, we've heard, it's only like this in January and February! (So Crap! What is it going to be like during those months now!!!!) I've been running in the mornings with a couple of crazy gals who are use to running in weather like this! Yesterday I brought my camera so I could document what running in -8 degree weather looks like!
(keep in mind it was NOT snowing, that is all frost after running!) I love the iced over eye lashes! (Stacy wiped hers away for the pic- Left!)

So what have we been up to during these cold days and nights........ not much!

We actually opened up the only game we have the other night! We are not big gamers usually, and this game happened to still be in it's original wrapping from our wedding 5 1/2 years ago! But it is "America's favorite word game" and it is quickly becoming ours. Lets just say we've been staying pretty busy with Scrabble!

(Let the record show that Colb has not yet beat me, also you should know that it says in a two player game a good score is usually around 300 - 400 points.......neither of us have broken 300 yet! Three and four letter words are our specialty right now, although I think were getting better! Playing with google as our dictionary has helped a ton too!!!)

Other highlights lately have included:

The lighting ceremony in town square!

Why we didn't get a pic after the lights came on, I'm not quite sure, and Cici wasn't sleeping, both pics we took she was blinking, dang it! (So we will post a pic soon of the cute lights in town square with Cici's eyes open hopefully!)

We also went to a little Christmas tree festival and went to listen to the town choir perform Handel's Messiah.

Other than that we've just been hanging out and watching "SYTYCD" (Good Times!)

Some exciting news however is that Cici is now 10 months old and is pretty close to walking! I'll post a video soon but here is a blurry pic, since she moves pretty fast with this little walker toy!

She also loves waving "Hi" and "Goodbye!"

So bye for now!


cody+sara said...

I love the frosted eyelashes. You're crazy for running in that cold weather, nevertheless, you are my hero... maybe one day I'll be that dedicated. ;)

I can't believe Cici is almost walking! She's growing up too fast. Squish her cheeks for me and give her a big hug from her FAVORITE Auntie Sara.

Can't wait to see you Sunday!
Love you guys!

Brian & Chelsey said...

you are brave to run in weather like that!!! Yay! almost a walker! thats crazy!!! I miss you all!!! Love you!!!

The Funky Bunch said...

First off your little one is such a DOLL! And are you crazy???? Running in that weather? You are so good, I just get extra fat when it's cold. :)

Alec said...

I think the lights pic is amazing. The kid was just winking with both eyes...twice.

Lera said...

Wow! I can't believe it is that cold. I am dying in our cold and it's not even close to that. And go you for running in it. You are hard core!

Cici is absolutely darling as always!

Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

My advice would be to quit the running for the winter. Sounds like you need a few extra pounds to keep you warm there. Cici is the cutest thing ever!

kodyandsabrina said...

OMG, I can't believe how cold it is there. Burrr.. I'm glad you guys are doing well :)

Cheryl said...

You three ARE crazy for running in that cold weather. The picture is priceless though!

And Brad and I started watching SYTYCD this season and we love it. Makes me want to get up and shake my bootie :) [Yes we know we are so slow and still probably the only people on earth that don't watch The Office.]

Mandi said...

So I tried to respond to your email and it wouldn't send, so I'm leaving you a comment on your blog. I would love to take pics for you. With dogs we would have to opt for an outside location, weather permitting. I am working on a small studio in my home, but it won't be done until around the 29th. I could shoot for you on the 22nd if your interested. You can see my portfollio an other info at my website.

Stephen, Erica, Kalli, Ziek, Sky said...

Sarah you are such a STUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!