Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rachelle's Here!

Yeah! Rachelle and her cute family came to visit us in Utah! She lives in Vancouver, WA and we absolutely hate having her and her lil' ones so far away! They came down for a week and we were able to hang out with her, Ry Ry and cute lil' Maren, who is getting so big! This first pic is of Rachelle, with baby Maren and my other sister Erica, at our little adventure to Hogal Zoo!

This train ride was hilarious. Now I am not an avid Hogal Zoo attender, however I had not been on the train since about 6th grade and I really didn't even remember they had a train there! So you pay a dollar and you see about 4 animals, the playground, a fake little mining town, and a fake little cemetery, plus the parking lot! We'll I guess you do get to see the mining town 2x! The whole ride is about 30 sec. long, and I am pretty sure that Kalli and Ryan didn't even finish their half P&J sandwiches! Too funny! Although Ziek was loving everything about the train ride!The Zoo was a big hit and mostly hilarious, I love these lil' guys they crack me up! Especially Ry and Kalli in the wagon. These to are like little bear cubs together, however in the wagon they need their own space and please do not confuse the sippie cups!!!

This is Grandma with baby Maren, right before bath time! Although it is a little weird for me to call my Mama a Grandma yet cuz she is still just my Mom!

The are both so cute! And this is a really cute one of a very lil' baby Maren smile! Too fun! I miss these guys already! But we'll be seeing you soon, in July when we venture up to Vancouver for some quality Kunkel time!

Love you guys!


The Anderson's said...

Sara! I am so glad that you found our blog! You really is a shame that we didn't become better friends. I mean,seriously though. You guys are such a cute couple, I already regret not getting to know the best of what Sara and Colby have to offer! Let's really get together sometime...and keep me updated. I will add you to my favorite blogs!! 699-6847

Stephen, Erica, Kalli & Ziek said...

Thanks for going to the Zoo with us Sarah! You're the best Auntie EVER!