Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yeah, we love Moab! This trip was awesome! We went down with my sister, Erica and her family(Stephen, Kalli, and Ziek) and lot's of thier friends! Kudos to Stephen, Erica's hubby, for finding us some sweet condo's to stay in while we were playing there! The weather was almost perfect and It was just georgous! Also a huge thanks to Greg for letting us take down a couple of his 4-wheelers, we had a blast! One of the best parts of the whole trip was that we got to bring our lil' girl down! She had such a great time and decided this was her favorite vacation ever! She loved to follow the bikes and 4-wheelers, but mostly she loved getting in the water! Check out that smile!

We went to Arches National Park and did a couple of small hikes! Colby and I watched Ziek(1 1/2) and Kali(2) while Erica and Stephen biked into and around the park! We had a lot of fun with the little kitties, they mostly wanted to play in the sand and there was plenty of it, especially at Sand Dune Arch, a favorite amongst all the kids in our party!
Just kickin' back on top of Sand Dune Arch!

Well, we did the practice loop at least, and it was really fun, next time we'll do the whole thing! I really only got brave towards the end, and then wanted to do it again, cuz I was getting the hang of things! Colb and Erica were amazing and so hard core throughout the whole trail! Colb and I took off one day to go do the Klondike Bluff trail! It was a lot of fun, even if we added an extra 45 min. to our little ride for Colby getting us off the trail by a couple 100 yards, that we had to climb back up hill, and occationally pick up our bikes and walk through cactus! But all in all it made for a good time! This is us at the top! It over looks into Arches and was beautiful and worth the climb! The real trail is a blast, as we went the right way on the way back!

Yes, I really did that all by myself! And funny enough we saw this t-shirt later on that evening in town, that I thought was very appropriate!However some of these last few pics. did come with a price! Check out my Badges of Honor!

You don't get scars like these from sitting around! Go ahead and either take that for good or bad !

some more fun pics!

>Colby and Stephen did Amasa Back!(You guys are so hard core!)

I love this pic! Zeik is such a lil' man now that he is walking all over!

Even Bella got to ride on the 4-wheelers!

Everyone at Gemini Bridges before we headed out!


April said...

k- you guys are awesome!!! I haven't been to moab forever, I totally forget how pretty it is! And Sar - you are seriously HARD CORE! You rock!
Glad you are finally back... hopefully you'll stick around for awhile!

Cody & Sara said...

That bruise is killer! Way to go sister! Looks like you guys had a blast~

Sam and Jess said...

hey, I hope you don't mind me checking out your blog. I didn't realize that you had one until today when I was looking at the Springer blog. It looks like you guys had fun in Moab. We just got back from Moab a few weeks ago, gotta love it!

Tanya said...

that bruise is pretty freaky, looks like you had a blast. i'm afraid of biking like that. too many horror stories of going over the handle bars. kudos too you though.

kristi said...

Hey - you are AMAZING!! I think the bruises are worth it :) You are seriously one of the coolest girls I know!

Jess said...

Nice battle wounds Sarah! I tried Slickrock this spring for the first time and chickened out on the whole loop - we ended up doing an out and back. :( I guess that means we have to go back in the fall!