Tuesday, April 29, 2008

St. George!!!

This was such a fun lil' trip! We went with Colb's fam, and as you can see Colb's dad brought the 4-wheelers, which proved to be a good time for everyone! (Thanks Dad!) On top of doing a lil' 4-wheeling everyone got a little crazy on the tennis courts, in the pool, down at Zions, and in the condos!
This was our first little ride out when we got there. This was just behind the condos, isn't it gorgeous! (L to R: Colb, Me, Brian, Tallin, Chels, and Mike...ya we can't really ever get him to put his shirt on!....) We rode around for a while and watched Greg, Colb's dad get a little crazy on the four wheeler's, Go Greg!!! Next we made our way over to play at the pool, because it was nice and hot, which was quite a difference from the Salt Lake we left that morning! (SNOW!!!!)Good Job Parker and Colby! I see after coaching cheerleading for five years, I have finally rubbed off on Colb!
We also met up with Lauren and Braden from our cruise! We met their 2 lil' girls, who are adorable and then went to dinner. It was after dinner the real adventure began! This picture was right after we went down into this underground cave (full of bats!!! Blah) and spilled glow stick stuff all over us and the walls. This was a classic fun thing to do when I was down at Dixie too, so it brought back good memories! We took some of Colb's brother's and sister with us and we all played hide and go seek! Sounds a little cheesy I know, but it was really fun! Thanks Bergeson's for the great Idea!!!! You guys rock!
The next day, we headed over to Zions National Park for a little hiking and sensational scenery! Colby and I went with his sister Alexis and her two boys on a little hike (which seemed a lot longer then we intended to take the boys on!). Parker, 4 and Hayes 2, did amazing though on their hike, along the edge of a cliff in sandals, there were only a few scares, but not one casualty! All in all it was a success! Here Alexis and I are checking out the ancient hieroglyphics and rock formations left by the early Zion Indians! (ya, I don't know!)
But by far the most exciting part of the hike was Uncle Colby teaching us how to catch lizards! And when we finally caught one we carried it all the way down to the Emerald Pool! But mostly it was funny cuz everyone we crossed on the hike stopped to see this stupid lizard and some even took pictures! It was a pretty amazing find, not just for Colby, Parker and Hayes! Then before we left the pool, of course we had to see if the lizard could fly and swim, by throwing him off the ledge into the pool. I am happy to report that the lizard could do a little of both and was alive at the time of our departure, but probably very traumatized!

Colb and I at the Lower Emerald Pool (pre- lizard base jump)

The trip was great! Thanks guys!

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