Sunday, April 20, 2008

Salt Lake Half Marathon (13.1 miles)/ 04.19.08

So once again my sister, Erica, and I have decided to run another race together! Well actually I was pressured into signing up with the Chiropractic office, I work at a couple of times a week, as part of a team..(the back crackers!... lame I realize!) But of course mostly all of those people couldn't, wouldn't or shouldn't right! So that's when my sister, Erica got involved, because I told her she needed to sign up and run the race with me! I would've done it alone, however the funny comments I feel I need to remember to share after the race, (that won't really be funny anymore), tend to do a bit better when there is someone there right next to you!(and at least there is a feeble attempt of a courtesy laugh). But then there are moments in the race where there is no need to say anything at all, and you both know it's funny and just laugh! This however does expend all your energy for the full next mile!

This is pre-race, at the starting line. You may notice it's dark that's because it is 6 something A.M.!!! Pictured is me, Erica and her friend, half awake, but excited! The race started up at the University of Utah Legacy Bridge. It was awesome because they had a gospel choir singing on the cool! We all agreed that they should have also been at the finishing line! My smile could be weird for the following reason's: I was pretty cold, very tired, I also was a little concerned cuz I hadn't had my nervous pooh yet! And if you've ever done any type of race before, you'll know what I mean and if not well then it's just going to sound weird and gross! (sorry about that!)

Here we come down the chute at the gateway, only .1 miles left to go! Colby and Bella were standing up on the bridge with Stephen, Kalli, and Zeik (Erica's lil' fam!) You may notice that Erica's friend is now gone, that is cuz she totally schooled us right from the beginning! She's a fast one! Good job! I heard she finished like 10 min. before us!

Now we pass under the bridge and on to the finish line! If the picture looks a little blurry it's cuz we were going sooo fast! If not, LOOK HARDER, it's blurry! Whoa!!!
Yeah! We made it! I'd like to thank my sponsor, Thompson Family Chiropractic!(I've always wanted to say that!) As well as our support team (Colby, Bella, Stephen, Kalli, Zeik, and my mom!) I'd also like to give a shout out to Noah and April Springer, who also ran the race and who we conversed with at the starting line and along part of the race and then again at the end! They are awesome! Our time was 2 hours and 7 min. (not bad, not bad!!!)

As of right now there are no immediate plans of running another race. But that's normal! Usually after we are done we don't care to run or think of running for a long time! The new goal is to buy Erica's old bike and start doing triathlons with her! That ought to be interesting (especially the swimming part!) Stay tuned!

I decided that our little racing team needed some titles. So Erica is the going to be the Regional Team Captain and I will be the Assistant to the Regional Team Captain (not to be confused with Regional Assistant Team Captain!) See the funny thing's you can come up with during a race! But like I said, it was really funny to us then......probably not so much now, right!................(We still think it's pretty funny!)


Brian & Chelsey said...

Good job Sar!! That is awesome you guys ran that race!! you did much better than I ever would have...not sure i would have been able to go a mile much less finish the race!! Awesome Job guys!!

April said...

you guys are awesome and WAY speedy! So I totally yelled "Yay Michael Scott!!!" to the guy with the tshirt (you know what I"m talking about), he totally gave me a blank stare. LAME! i should have yelled something about band-aids and nipples and maybe he would have cracked a smile...

Cheryl Richards said...

Hey Colby it's Cheryl Larsen....Richards now. I found your guys blog through BHS and thought I would stop and say "Hi". Don't be a stranger.

Booth and Tiffany Jenson said...

sara, that is so awesome, your so athletic, good for you. i enjoy your blog. hope your well, love tiff

Lera said...

Hey Sarah! I found your blog and have been stalking it. Awesome job on the race! I'm so impressed. And I loved reading about all your trips; I'm jealous! Feel free to check out our fam blog sometime, hopefully we'll have some baby pics soon. it's

Stephen, Erica, Kalli & Ziek said...

Dear assistant regional team manager - YOU'RE A ROCK STAR! If you didn't sign me up for these things I don't know how else I would have gotten a closet full of super cool race t-shirts or these rock hard abs...or what should be rock hard abs by now right!
Love the blog by the way.
Regional Team manager