Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Blog Post: Life Update!!!

So we have finally joined the blogging community! Our myspace and facebook were put together by Colby, and I am now attempting our very first blog.....Go me! Just a little update on our life: Colby is working in Park City at the Rich Haines Gallery. He sells art and loves everything about what this job entails. He has been working in the art gallery business for about 2 yrs. and really enjoys it! He has also been having fun selling real estate for the past few yrs.

I am still a massage therapist (going on 5 1/2 yrs. now) and have been doing it out of our house for about 4 yrs. I have also decided to coach another year of cheerleading, at Hunter High. (going on six yrs.--I know I need therapy, honestly only crazy people do that!)

Colb is still playing soccer at least 2 to 3 times a week and I have recently gotten into pilates, as well as taking walks with Bella at Tanner Park and doing a few races here and there with my sister Erica!

We have had a lot of fun traveling in the past couple of years due to the fact that we do not have any kids! In fact I just heard of this little acronym the other day from my friends blog: D.I.N.K. , translation= dual income, no kids! Well that is definitely what we are, Dink's! (Aside from our daughter dog "Bella") Actually we have been trying to have kids for the past couple of years with no luck, but don't worry we've started some desperate measures! Although we are a little sad about this we really haven't allowed it to slow us down. This is what we have been up to over the last little while.....
In November we went and visited my brother David. Colb actually went to meet him now that he is selling his art work ( and it was a great opportunity for Colb to learn more about his work. David lives in San Francisco, CA and so we just made a trip out of it, since neither Colb or I had been there! We went to Alcatraz and also went to see where the "Full House" house's were, and also did the whole Golden gate thing! We had a blast and definitely want to go back!

After San Fran we came home in time to run in the Cold Turkey race on Thanksgiving day with some of our friends in our neighborhood! (The Springer's and the Bailey's) It was really fun and Bella got to run too, her favorite! Following Thanksgiving we made a quick trip to Aspen, Colorado, where Colby went to go work for a couple of days at an Art Gallery associated with the Park City Gallery he was working at! This was really fun but really Cold and our first real taste of winter for the year. We didn't get to snowboard though, because there wasn't quite enough snow, but the atmosphere was really fun! And while Colb held down the gallery I went out and got my hair straitened and done for the first time in like 2 yrs. and also met a massive St. Bernard, named Waldo! He was really old and really nice!

After Christmas we went on a cruise to the southern Caribbean! It was seven days and one of our funnest vacations so far! We went to 6 different islands, and played really hard!

These are the first friends we met on our cruise, Lauren and Braden, and as luck would have it they were from St. George, UT. We hung out with them most of the time and logged a bunch of good laughs and memories! We're actually going down to see them next week!
(pics from some of our adventures)
yup, I know what your thinking......They're real! (ha ha!)
This guy was hilarious! he tried to steal Colb's shoe's out of the jeep in St. Thomas. When we caught him he told us he was in charge of watching that parking lot and that he was taking the shoes so no one else would steal them and that we were lucky he was there! Totally crazy, but had a sweet island accent and was fun to chat with! He gave us an awesome 20 yr. old TV remote control as a parting gift! Colby kicked him 10 bucks for the entertainment.

Right after our cruise I went to visit my sister Rachelle in Washington for a week cuz while we were cruising she had a really cute little girl! (my newest niece, Maren Elisa Kunkel!) She was born Jan. 24th 2008 and was 6 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches! She is a doll! And I had a lot of fun holding and visiting her despite the fact that I had no luggage for this trip... it never made it over with me on the plane!

Now catching up a little closer we make it to March, were Colb and I traveled back to Cali, but this time to Disneyland!!!! This is actually an annuall trip we've been making for the past 5 yrs. with the Hunter High Cheerleaders, for Cheer nationals. The past 2 years have been the best as The Natter's (Braden and Danie) have accompanied us. Danie started coaching with me 2 yrs. ago and our husband get along great so the trips have gotten even better! My team has been doing awesome at nationals, and for the past 3 yrs. they have made it to finals every year! This year we placed 3rd in our category (Small Varsity Show Cheer Intermediate) out of 10 other teams! GO TEAM!!!! and Go Danie and Sarah for being such slave drivers and having no life but to hang out with teenage girls with raging hormones all year long! We just picked our new team, by the way, for the 08'-09' year and can't wait to start all over.....from the I said, I'm crazy!!! Colb thinks so too, in fact he's not really okay with it, but we're working on it together!

Well that's it for now! And if you've actually made it this far down the blog, you can look forward to our upcoming fun road trips to St. George and Moab in the next few weeks! I promise they will not be this long!

Look, It's a baby Maren Burrito!!!!


April said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you are finally blogging! And I love love the sassy straight hair pic - it's my favorite :) Good luck Saturday - I'm sure I'll see you (as you are passing me up). Let me know if you want a ride!

Brian & Chelsey said...

Wa-hoo! you guys are blogging! I love it! man i didnt know whow much stuff you guys have been doing! crazy!! Love your guts!!

Stephen, Erica, Kalli & Ziek said...

Sarah you're such a stud and I love reading your funny life story in Sarah-nees know what I mean. We love you guys like a fat kid loves cake.

Kim said...

Hello Sarah! I was talking to Kori and found out that a lot of people in our ward have blogs so i hope you do not mind that i am looking at yours! I love blogging! I hope all is well!

Kim Adams

Cody & Sara said...

WELCOME to the blogging world! Love you!

Tanya said...

sarah, how are you? i'm glad you got to run the half. i ended up getting halfway through my training but ended up having some serious IT band issues that even 6 weeks of PT did nothing for. it hurts to pretty much to do anything. i have to go back to my doc, but i still hope to do one someday. i haven't seen you at the school lately. maybe well see you soon. we have to play sometime.