Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby Cicily Smiles and Cali!

Went to Cali to see my Cheerleaders do AWESOME at the High School Spirit Championship!
(They hit a perfect routine! Good job guys!)

The Plane ride on the way over, she did great we were really nervous!
I didn't want her ears to blow up or whatever and I didn't want to be the frantic mother with the screaming child! Neither happened, yea!
Thought this pic was funny, a little angle with the light on her that way!
And she was just that!
At the Competition she was all smiles! The cheerleaders got her this lil' outfit,it said "Hunter's smallest cheer fan!" Too cute!
Soon to be daddy "Braden" also fell in love with this one!
(this pic is for you Danie!)
Cute prego Danie and "Weirdo faced" Braden pose in Downtown Disney
(Danie is like 8 months prego and was tracking all over Disneyland, what a trooper!)
Colb loved carrying Cicily allover in the lil' carrier! Well it was actually my idea for him to wear it cuz I thought it would be a cute dad thing to do and also kind of funny cuz I couldn't picture it! But I am pretty sure he loved it too after the initial ridicule!

Trying on Hats in Disneyland, this one was too funny! We had more fun with this than CC apparently! She didn't think we were that funny!

This is everyone at Medieval Times, which is now becoming a squad tradition I feel! It is pretty funny to see these guys get going with cheering for their Knight! Mostly it always reminds me of "Cable Guy" and I enjoy asking our serving wench for things! (sorry bad quality pic!)

Just chillaxing in the 70 degree weather on the last day before we headed back to what we were told was a huge storm in Utah! But mostly this pic was taken to make fun of my sweet scarf I got so I could look like "D-trix" and Hok from So You Think You Can Dance and America's Best Dance Crew! I realize the level of Dork I have achieved, but I still like it!

And now cute baby smiles from the plane ride home!

She just cracks us up!

But did you check out the two cheerleaders behind CC who are sleeping, we got a good pic of them too! Everyone was pretty drained from the trip!


Kristin said...

Somebody loves her Daddy!

Lera said...


Sara said...

I still can't get over how much she smiles for her age! LOVE IT!

Shauna said...

Hi Colby & Sara and Little CC!! Thanks for the invite. We are planning to be there! She is just so gorgeous! She is quite the distraction, huh???

Our Family said...
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Stephen, Erica, Kalli, Ziek said...

It's hilarious to hear colby laughing at CC while she makes her sweet baby smiles in the video!
You guys are too cute! I want to chillax some day too, you're gonna have to show me the ropes Sarah ;)

Dave and Kristen Geurts said...

she is so adorable guys!!

Eli and Candace said...

Very cute smiles from Cicily. I didn't know you coached cheer - congrats on your comp.

The Escobar Family said...

Hey Sarah, you're the new Angie. That is so reminiscent of our trips down there.

JnR Kunkel said...

CC couldn't be any cuter! Looks like you both can't get enough, me neither! Wish we had some 70 degree weather...and is that another new purse??

Jess said...

Wow, you guys are so brave! Those are some great smiles from your baby girl :)

IoaneandShawni said...

Hey Sarah! Did this trip bring back some memories? :) Looks like you had fun!

Jesse, Christa and Marshall said... the corner of my mind. It looks like your trip was way fun. It was good to see you on Saturday. I wish you the best in Jackson Hole.