Thursday, March 19, 2009


So my mom came over to visit CC and I the other day and randomly brought over the top of our wedding cake that she said she found in her freezer!!!!!........ Well a couple things come to mind; One, you FOUND it in your Freezer, I'm afraid to think of what other findings might be in there seeing as how Colb and I are coming up on our 5th year anniversary! Two, we must have totally forgot about the one year tradition of eating the top of your wedding cake, and probably because, Yuck! Who would want that even after a week later! I'm pretty sure there was no inquiry of the cake after one year for good reason!
However, we both had a good laugh over it and Colby and I keep daring each other to take a bite out of it! Neither of us has moved on this enticing dare, me mostly so it doesn't have any nasty repercussions on me or CC. So for now for the cake is just sitting in our refrigerator, who knows why I'm still holding onto it, although I'm pretty sure we'll get rid of it soon. But for some reason if you missed some awesome wedding cake from our wedding head on over and we'll cut you a piece and we'll re-live the magic 5 years later!
And now for some cute pics of CC!
Playin' on the floor with mom! (she's got some long fingers huh!)
Hanging out in one of her favorite places, her swing! (Thanks Danie and Braden!)
CC with Grandma and Papa Larsen ("Happy Birthday Grandma Judy!")
CC's first little dress, courtesy of one of my cute Hunter High Cheerleaders! (Thinking she kind of looks like Aunt Jamima with her bow and lil' sweater!)


Lera said...

We honored the "eat the top of your wedding cake on your one year anniversary" tradition. Just in case you were wondering, it truly was awful!
CC is looking so cute! I love the fun bows and flowers you put on her.

Cody + Sara said...

SICK! But I'll be over to get my slice... we can play "penalties" with it!
AND way cute pics of my niece. love her!

Brian & Chelsey said...

SO CUTE!!!! I love her and you guys! Hopefully we find out on the 30th what we are having! yay!

Kim said...

She is adorable!

Koko said...

Seriously super cute!

Ric and Meagan said...

your daughter is beautiful and just dorable.... Congrats to you two:)

JnR Kunkel said...

Seriously, what else could be lurking in mom's freezer! Wish I was there for the laugh and to squeeze that sweet adorable CC! She keeps getting more beautiful!

.:TiKi:. said...

Sara and Colby!
Your daughter is sooo gorgeous!
I am so happy for you 2 :]
I am so amazed that you and Dani
just happened to be pregnant at
the same time! I miss you guys!
Good luck at comp this weekend!
Love Tamika :]