Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer so far.......

We came down to Salt Lake the 1st part of July for of course a wedding (tis the season!) Although we were only around for a couple of days it was good to see family and friends as always! Colbs bud Walker Willey got married, it was a great party up at Silver Lake Lodge in Deer Valley.

The flowers have finally bloomed here in Jackson and we are just now feeling the summery air and we honestly can't get enough of being outside! Colb shot a few of these pics of Cicily in our neighbors yard.

Top of the tram at Teton Village!

If you look right in the middle you'll see the Grand Teton.

We also made our way over to Eagle, Idaho to visit with Colb's Grandparents. This is a church in Boise that we went to go check out, due to one of the artists that Colby represents in the Jackson gallery. He carved the amazing doors that are behind us, as well as many other sculpture in the church! It was breathtaking, even the pics can't do it justice!

Cicily is everyday, developing this huge personality that cracks us up! She is a total ham!!! She loves the camera and saying cheese, as well as dancing and giggling for no reason! She is saying more and more words everyday and is starting to copy everything we do, too funny!

Cute Lil' cafe in Boise "Rembrandt's", it's filled with art from the old to the new contemporary Masters. We went there with grandparents and Linds &Colby (Bro-in-law) (yummy fruit crepes!!!! Thanks Grandpa!)

Grandpa and Cicily playing at the park, too cute! (Colb is real proud of this pic)

Classic Grandma and Grandpa, Love it!

Loves to play at parks!

Shoshone Falls, on our way home from Boise. Not a very happy girl on this trip, we found out she had ear infections in both ears the next day! But the Falls were breath taking!

Looks like this one was born to be on a boat! Hope to have one of our own one day so she can be on them more often. So thanks to our friends the Wilcox's for letting us tag along with you on your boat, on Jackson Lake (such a gorgeous lake!)

Yup! That happened! (good job grabbing that pic of me babe!)

The water was pretty chilly but she didn't seem to mind, loved being in the water as well as eating on the beach! (just like her mom and dad)

We love this pose cuz most of the time when she sits it is like this, with her legs crossed, it cracks us up!

Happy with Grandma Carol at the top of the tram at Teton Village, (80 degrees at the bottom of the tram and 40 degrees at the top) very chilly!

Riding Lola! Very exciting....... Lola victimized again, story of her life!

Nice babe!
Colb loves going out fishing with a few buddy's here in Jackson. His favorite place right now is Jenny Lake. He's so proud in this picture. It cracks me up.

Play hard and fall hard, these two!

I think this was actually the beginning of June, still soooooo cold. We still have our winter attire at hand, we still just used it last week. In the evening it still can get pretty chilly!

Antler auction at the square! Pretty interesting lil' festival, that really isn't so lil', I've never seen so many antlers!

Stay tuned, were only half way through the summer, more to come!


cody+sara said...

We miss you guys more than a seagull misses the dump!
Looks like you're having so much fun... we need to make it in some of your pics one of these days aka come visit. ;)

Ivins Family said...

you guys are so cute! We miss you! Cold, you should be proud of that picture of Cici, it looks all professional. We miss you.