Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The good the bad and the ugly!

The Good!!!

Cici, loving her new toy, a lil' jumper! She loves standing and sitting up and we came across this lovely thing and she was absolutely loving it!!! She doesn't quite reach the ground yet but, we made some minor adjustments so that it'll work out for now!
The Bad and the Ugly!!!!
Not referring to the nurse, she was really nice, despite this deer in the headlight pic! However gallbladder surgery sucked a big one and this nice lil' pic is the only one you'll see of this day courtesy of my hubby who thought he'd document my loveliness post surgery! Thanks sweetie! The other photo's we'll never be released publicly! Recovering has been a nightmare, although I am pretty sure I'm over the worst and have returned to cleaning and packing mode! This has only put a dent in the journy on recovering my pre-baby body as well, and workouts will resume momentarily!


Lera said...

Palmer loved his Jumperoo too! Now that he's crawling he absolutely hates it though. Too bad since it kept him in one place.

So sorry you had to have gallbladder surgery. I had mine 7 weeks after the C-section, so I can totally relate. I guess it's pretty commen to get gallstones when your pregnant, just another fun addition to having a baby! I hope you recover quickly.

Kristin said...

Sorry to hear your surgery sucked. I had mine out when Piper was a year old, and it was a breeze. Good luck with recovery.

Booth and Tiffany Jenson said...

geez... sorry, but surgery is fun right? i like it anyway. i am excited for your move, i have never been to jackson hole, looks beautiful. good luck, cicily is so cute.

The Wilcoxs, CAC and M said...

Aww, Cicily is getting so big!! We are thinking we wanna come up there next month. How is June looking?

Ashley said...

Oh, so sorry about the surgery. Sara you are one tough woman!! Cicily is such a doll! Good luck up in Jackson. Can't wait to see pictures!

The Escobar Family said...

Glad to hear that you are doing so well after the surgery! Also, congrats on the Jackson Hole move, very nice place to be! Your baby girl is DARLING!


Jess said...

Oh, that does suck! I am sorry to hear about the surgery... as if you need one more thing to recover from.

At least you have that beautiful baby girl to make it all better. Good luck with your move!